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Micro computer Fully Automatic incubators and hatchers,   All in one machine. Special price 19 March 2024  
Industrial (Business type)  automatic Incubators Hatchers  Complete deal, Latest technology, one

Fully Digital Temperature Control

Largest Combination Incubator and Hatcher in our range

Plastic Chicken Egg Trays & Hatching Crates Included.

 One year warrantee.

Industrial incubators can be stay without power for 5 hours) Real sure hatch and easy hatch, because incubation and hatching in the same basket like real hen sitting on the eggs)

Chicken, turkey, ducks, Geese, quails.


Incubator made of Ultra Durable, Water Resistant.

 Specialized High Volume Incubator Fan

 Energy Saving Incubator Heating System

Incubator can retain heat for 4 to 6 hours after power outage

Internal Light for observing the insides of the incubator

Medical Grade Anti-Bacterial Inner Coating for better hatch rates.

e-mail: icm@lantic.net

Hobby Plastic type Automatic

Industrial 180 setter, Hatcher egg incubator size 76X43X48 cm

Price: R7,945  Incl VAT  Item no.inc180 Roller type. Item no. inc180   Read More

Industrial 300 setter, Hatcher egg incubator size 55X65X120 cm Price:R10,995  Excl VAT  Item no. inc352 Roller type and basket type same price. Item no. inc300

Industrial 528 setter, Hatcher egg incubator 70X55X130 cm  Price:R13,995 Excl VAT Item no. inc528

Industrial 880 setter, Hatcher egg incubator 70X55X130 cm  Price:R15,995 Excl VAT Item no. inc880

Industrial 1056 setter, Hatcher egg incubator size 96X75X140 cm  Price:R19,945 Excl VAT Item no.inc1046   One used one R13495+VAT, 

Industrial 2112 setter, Hatcher, incubator  Incl accessories size 135X85X140 cm & VAT   Price:R29,495 Excl VAT  Item no. inc2112

Industrial 3168 setter, Hatcher Egg incubator 175X85X180 cm    Price:R40,000   Excl VAT  Excl accessories & VAT Item no. inc3000

Industrial 5000 setter egg+ extra Hatcher area Trolley type Automatic egg incubator in 2 pieces More info on this type Item no. inc5000 size: 2 of 200X180X220 cm Price:R69,000+VAT  
Prices incl VAT


64, 128, 256 egg hobby Automatic Chicken, Quail egg incubator

15 egg Hobby egg incubators

Chicken drinker SA

 Chicken drinker

Quail drinker Price: R35

1 litre 1CD Price: R45

3 litre 3CD Price: R60

5 litre 5CD Price: R95

10litre 3CD Price: R145   

5% off for 9 or more

Chicken Feeder sa

 Chicken Feeder Item incl vat

1kg Chicken Feeder R39

3kg 3CF Price: R55

5kg 5CF Price: R95

11kg 11CF Price: R129   

5% off for 9 or more

Chicken nipple drinker  SA

Chicken nipple drinker 

Single one :R35

Double one R45

Infra- red brooder light  150W sa

Infra- red brooder light  150W  R119

5% off for 9 or more

black brooder heater light bulb sa

Brooder heater that last very long but no light. 100W Price: R195

Best Free rang Layers coop that eggs does not get dirty.  R295

Important Video for Free ranch Layers Coop.




Out cover 320*270*130

Ceramic plate190*165  More info

Manual ignited Gas heater   R995 ( with automatic controller R1600.)

Chicken heating plate SA
Chick Brooder Heating Plate 40X60 cm 56 Watt R595 incl Vat
Digital egg incubator controller Sa

Digital egg incubator controller XM-26 R1,695 incl VAT, temperature and humidity sensor.


Automatic chicken drinker

Automatic chicken drinker. Item ACD Price: R295

Plastic layers nest  R165 incl VAT


Farm heater with fan 220 volts 100/300 W for many uses incl brooders  Price:R495

        Pluckers  Scalder

Quail egg packages trays Sa

Quail egg packages each capacity

12 egg size R3.45 incl VAT

24 eggs for R4.95 each incl VAT


Egg LED  Tester 88 eggs sa

Egg LED  Tester 88 eggs

Price R3000 incl Vat

Digital egg incubator controller sa

Digital egg incubator controller Dinc2

R2995 incl VAT, temperature

and humidity sensor

 Night Vision

Egg Incubator tray automatic valve SA

Egg Incubator tray automatic valve

R135 Incl VAT


Egg Incubator motor 14W SA

  Egg Incubator motor 14W R410 Incl VAT 220 volts

Incubator motor 15W R1250 Incl VAT



Quail Cages

  Board Fork


Mister Evaporator with power supply

R195 incl Vat


60 egg Rolling trays with turning motor 12 and 220 volts Price:R645

5% off for 9 or more

Poultry transport cage heavy duty stackable HDPE 750 x 550 x 295mm  Capacity 10-12 adult chickens,Price:R655

Plastic Chick and Quail feeder. R65 Incl VAT

5% off for 9 or more


Incubator Fan SA

Incubator Fan 300 mm diameter with element R1195 incl Vat

Bigger fan R1650 incl VAT

Digital thermometer with

humidity sensor small battery inside  R115 incl VAT 

     Dome propagator

egg incubator Trays Sa 

88 Chicken egg Trays Price:R80 incl vat  35X50cm

Quails 221 R75,  ducks, Geese  egg trays Item A-CT Price: R100   35X50cm

Emu, Ostriches trays: R245 and 445 depending to size.

  Easy Transplanter

Chicken slaughtering

cone R265 Incl VAT



Home kit hydroponic system

Pellet making machine

 Chicks Quail Pigeon Feeder 3 Pcs

R135 incl VAT

Feeder 26 cm  R45 incl VAT

Feeder 40 cm  R65 incl VAT

Borehole drilling Rig

Hand held Rotary seed planter

Small electric 220 volts Oil Extractor

Lithium Batteries


Chicken Gas, Electric Rotisserie Oven (Vertical) Chicken Broiler

Drip Irrigation system

Flying Pigeons Products





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