ICM industries   SA Electric Borehole Pumps & other pumps

Midrand Gauteng South Africa  Exporting to: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, DRC, Namibia

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Cold press Oil Extractor

R10,000 incl VAT

The Oil Extractor we have stock is similar not exact the same.

can be run by engine or electric motor.





Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.

Solar security light with Lithium battery


Easy Vegetable planter

  Board Fork

Hand held Rotary seed planter

Agricultural Tillers

Home hydoponic system kit SA 

Home hydroponics system kit 

Solar borehole pump ( High cost)

Drip Irrigation system

Vertical stacking pots

               Contact detail : Tel: Tel: 011-3123393 or 060 610 7549 and only if our land line is out of order 072 088 8986



 ICM Industries


7 of 73 Capital Hill park inside, Capital Hill commercial Estate 395 Le Roux St Midrand South Africa


 Tel:  060 610 7549


Homepage: http://www.icmsa.co.za

e-mail: icm@lantic.net

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