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Quail Cages SA

In South Africa. We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our Products are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria Midrand

Quail cages, lay eggs quail cage

Material: low carbon steel wire drawing in the common temperature . 

the surface treatment : 

2.hot dipped galvanized 


6 cells  Each 18cm high X 70cm width X 180cm long  

weight: 30kg per set 


1. Automated controlled system; 2. High rearing efficiency;  3. Designed for rearing and growing; 

4. Floor saving and cost efficient; 5. Easy maintenance and operation; 

6. Hot galvanized, anti-corrosive, long durability.


 Capacity is like capacity of a prison room. Depends if is north European prison or Political religious prisons in middle east.

Chinese Exporter claims 700 quails can be in but We believe people that cause suffering to animals shall suffer in their life more.

we give you water container as well.

Every customer ask us how many quails can be put in one cage.

It is like to ask how many prisoner can be put in a 3X3 m prison.

for a while they put so many Religious Baha'i prisoner in Iran in a cell that only could sleep a few hours then give their space to the next person in line.

In the 6 level Chinese Manufacture claim that 300 to 400 quail can be put in but putting more than 250 birds seems inhuman way of crowding so many birds in one cage.

Only one set left R3600.

For 6 level one we give you 4 steel profile that can stand like A frame     

Quail drinker

Price R 25 Incl VAT


Feeder 40 cm  R60 incl VAT


Quail feeds


Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.




Quail packaging trays R4 each 24 eggs


 Chicks Quail Pigeon Feeder 3 Pcs

R110 incl VAT

for quails it takes many eggs.


 For chickens layers we strongly support free range.

 Stress goes away and no feather pulling happens.

 you can cut drums in half  they shall have queue to lay egg there.



1kg Chicken Feeder R 27

1 litre chicken drinker

Price R35

Plastic Chick and Quail feeder.

R60 Incl VAT

Chicken nipple drinker 

Item CND Price: R15

 Chicken Feeder Item

3kg 3CF Price: R42

5kg 5CF Price: R90


Extra trays Chickens, 35X50cm

 Chicken trays 88 egg Price:R90

Quails, ducks, Geese    Item A-CT Price: R95

Emus, Ostriches trays: R200


Digital controller Dinc1 R1,695 incl VAT, temperature and humidity sensor

Quail egg packages each capacity

12 egg packaging trays R3

24 eggs for R4 each incl VAT 

Infra- red brooder light R95

Image result for brooder light bulb

Brooder heater that last very long R 195

   Incubator motor 14W R295 Incl VAT

Price: R345 including VAT  video

5% discount for quantity over 5

Out cover 320*270*130

Ceramic plate190*165

Manual ignited Gas heater   R845 ( automatic controller can be added.)


Digital thermometer with

small battery inside  R120 incl VAT


Fan 300 mm diameter R950 incl Vat

Bigger fan R1260 incl VAT


Poultry transfer cage heavy duty stackable :

Price: R495

Incubator automatic valve

R110 Incl VAT 

Evaporator with power supply

R500 incl Vat 


Green house plastic sheeting 

  Home hydoponic system kit SA 

Home hydroponics system kit



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