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Gas Brooder,  Gauteng South Africa SA. Special price 19 June 2024  

 In South Africa. We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our Products are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria Midrand


Automatic, Manual ignited Gas heater SA

Manual ignited Gas heater   R995

Automatic Gas heater with Electric controller R1595 incl VAT

Manual ignited Gas heater   R995

Automatic Gas heater with Electric controller R1595 incl VAT

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1 chick brooder could supply warm for 25sqm, about 600~800pcs chicks. Of course, it's depended on local whether, poultry farm structure and other factors.

Ceramic Plate with Catalyst
Less Than 50ppm
Calorific Value
Working Pressure
Transport Package


Newly safe poultry farm infrared gas

Use V200 infrared burners

They are designed and produced for multi-purposes, Used for all kinds of outdoor barbecue, smokeless barbecue, family barbecue. It has the advantages of light weight, good performance, energy saving, environmental protection, etc..

The specifications:
Model v200
Gas consumption 0.25kg/hr
Calorific value 4800kcal/hr
Size 210 x 160 x 60mm
Weight 1.4kg
Conversion rate 90%
Plate Ceramic plate with catalyst
Working pressure 2800~5000pa
Color Silver
Customized Yes

Universal stainless steel bbq grill burner advantages:
1) safe: Premixed the air&gas in 2800 mpa low-pressure natural ejector mode, more safety and reliable
2) high efficiency: Honeycomb ceramic plate with strong heat storage capacity, good effect of radiation, conversion rate≥90%,
3) simple structure, easy install: The whole system is consist of there parts, gas/air delivery, burner, ignition and control. Compact structure, easy installation and debugging.
4) energy saving environmental friendly: Full combustion, high efficiency, no waste water/gas, no noise pollution,
5) accurate control: Realize accurate control of combustion by use inverter, actuators.

Other products you may be interested in:
Model Size Weight Gas consumption Calorific value Uses
SGR2602 910x135x192mm 13.0kg 0.46kg/hr 9360kcal/hr powder coating or food drying ect
K850 760x148x180mm 3.4kg 0.5-0.9kg/hr 6.6-12.8kw/hr Industrial heating
P400 410x100x70mm 3.9kg 0.3kg/hr 3.0-3.5kw/hr Modularization, Large area heating
GR406 247x 122 x 55mm 1.9kg 0.11kg/hr 1.3kw/hr BBQ
E30 456x 173x260mm 14.5kg Customized Customized Hot air treatment
TC200 270 x 170 x 55mm 1.3kg 0.25kg/hr 3.2kw/hr Coffee baking machine or Food baking etc.


Price: R345 including VAT  video

5% discount for quantity over 5





Manual ignited Gas heater   R995

Automatic Gas heater with Electric controller R1595 incl VAT



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