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ZZGD Animal Poultry Fish Feed Processing Machines Wood Pellet Mill Making Machine

Pellet making machine R19,500 incl VAT

Feed pellet machine, is based on mechanical circular motion, motor as the power, transmission gear variable speed to the spindle and template, so that the template rubbing pressure wheel rotation, under the pressurized pressure wheel extrusion, so that the material from the template hole extrusion, after cutting knife segmentation, from the lower feeding mouth roll out particles, this machine is the feed processing special equipment for livestock breeding industry, has been widely loved by livestock breeders.

1.Pellets made by this machine are with high hardness, smooth surface and full of internal curing.

2.The feed particle internal curing high degree of both starch gelatinization, protein coagulation degeneration, improve nutritional quality, easy digestion and absorption, but also kill the general pathogenic bacteria and parasites. 3.Particle formation process can make the pancreatin Cereals, legumes resistance factor in degeneration, reduce the adverse effects on the digestion, can kill all kinds of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce the variety of insects and diseases of digestive system.



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  • Feed pellet processing machine
Low consumption and costs
Easy storage, transport for raw material
Widely option on raw material,
Small in size, easy operation, saving energy
Drive by Electric motor/diesel engine

poultry scalder with water tap

Item SCALder R9000 incl VAT

Price: R345 including VAT  video

5% discount for quantity over 5

Home hydoponic system kit SA

Home hydroponics system kit.


Chicken Gas, Electric Rotisserie Oven (Vertical) Chicken Broiler



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