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   Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Sa 

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Grow System



Dutch Buckets have been used in the world with great success.

These buckets are typically arranged in single rows on the floor or on benches, with one irrigation line feeding from above and one drainage line circulating back to the reservoir from below. Each row can be connected and joined together quite easily allowing these systems to be scaled to virtually any size imaginable.

Like most hydroponics setups, Dutch Buckets can be used in both Hydroponics and Aquaponics, although Hydroponics is much simpler and easily controlled plant feeding method.

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Reservoir and Circulation

The reservoir, in most setups is located below the level of the Dutch Buckets. This is to allow gravity to be the driving force behind returning the nutrient solution back to the reservoir. It is then pumped back through the feed-line via a Submersible Water Pump directly to each Dutch Bucket where it will rapidly drain through the pebbles back to the reservoir, repeating the cycle.




Nutrient Solution   The nutrient solution within the reservoir is aerated using a  & Air Stone. Your nutrient solution needs to be maintained on a daily basis and completely exchanged once a week by adding fresh water and nutrients. The levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and pH (potential of Hydrogen) should be closely monitored in order to achieve a completely balanced solution for the specific requirements of your plants. It is highly recommended to invest in the best quality pH & TDS/EC water meters and Hydroponic.


Planting in a Dutch Bucket







Plastic Reservoirs










Dutch Buckets are the perfect Hydroponic system for any horticulturist looking to get the most out of their grow space. Whether cultivating indoors in a grow tent environment with only a few buckets, or in greenhouses with rows and rows of buckets, their simplicity and ease of use remains.

Many have attempted to recreate the Dutch Bucket with a DIY approach but have experienced sub par results, this is mainly due to the very specific design of the Dutch Bucket’s siphon elbow and its ability to maintain just the right amount of nutrient solution and drainage flow within the bucket. There is a large selection of online guides and articles on how to build your own yet none have seen the results that can be achieved while using the original Dutch Bato Bucket design.

Seedlings and cuttings are usually propagated in Coco Peat Pellets and/or Rockwool Starter Plugs. Once roots emerge, the young plants are planted into the Dutch Bucket system where rapid growth takes place. 

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Dutch bucket with Siphon

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Available Colors':

   Light green,



   light blue.

Price per Pot R95 incl  VAT each

Solar security light with Lithium battery


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Ground cover sheet for weed protection 

Easy Vegetable planter  

Home hydoponic system kit SA

Home hydroponics system kit.

Mini Green house with Polycarbonate hollow sheeting.  Price R1750  incl VAT



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Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Grow System sa

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Green house plastic sheeting

Ground cover sheet for weed protection 

Mini Green house with Polycarbonate hollow sheeting.  Price R1750  incl VAT

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