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Micro computer Fully Automatic incubators and hatchers,  

Our advice is if is for business do not even start with this plastic ones and buy the proper industrial one.

Buying a hobby incubator for business is like buying a motorbike to start transport business.

Our prices are up to date in SA Rand.

Special price till 19 April 2019

In South Africa. We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our Products are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria Midrand.


  Hobby type Automatic incubators ( short life can not keep the heat long if no power) Real sure hatch and easy hatch, because incubation and hatching in the same basket like real hen sitting on the eggs)

These are light duty for hobbyist only.

Price for hobby Automatic incubator 15 eggs  Item no. inc15 220V Price:R1195   Incl accessories & VAT   Item no. incub15 

Price for hobby Automatic incubator 48 eggs  Item no. 220V Price:R2895   Incl accessories & VAT   Item no. incub 48 

We have machines that are both 12 Volts and 220 volts but the elements on them are not reliable as 220 volts. we sell them as same price.

Fully Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator

1.The incubator has a two-fan cooling / heating system, with a separate air heater coil at the top and a water heater element in the water bath below.
2.The system includes a large plastic hatching basket, which will work as a brooder for the first couple of days of the chicken life

1. Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidify
2. Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature and humidity.

3-The automatic multi-function incubator researched and produced by our company uses the more popular microcomputer-based technology (using the latest micro-electronics technology and new components), with the imported digital temperature sensor and France moisture sensitive capacitance humidity sensor

Usage: Chicken, Reptile, Bird, Turkey, Goose, Duck


48 egg , 72, 96 egg hobby Automatic Chicken, Quail egg incubator

Quick Details

Usage: for Chicken, Reptile, Bird, Turkey, Goose, Duck

Egg Capacity (Pcs): 48, 96 Chicken eggs

Voltage : 220V  Power (W): 0 to 150 W

Dimension (L*W*H): 58 X 57 X 31 cm

Weight: 7KG   Warranty: 9 months

Fully Automatic Egg Turning

Hatchability: 75% Humidity display range: 0-75%RH

These two items humidity are fixed about 55% by fan.


Hobby Automatic incubator 80 eggs   12/220 volts  Item no. inc80  Price:R3795 incl VAT ( somehow sensitive machine)


For the following incubators we can supply you trays that fits you size of eggs.

Most of our 48/96 egg incubators have 12 volts battery connection as well. Plastic incubators are for Hobbyist only, For commercial Please only order bigger sizes.

The Bigger machines humidity is quite adjustable.

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 Chicken, turkey, docks, Geese, giant quails, .

We do not give address over the phone you must print direction by clicking this link

Good article for Growing Broilers

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 chicken drinker

1 litre 1CD Price: R35

3 litre 3CD Price: R45

5 litre 5CD Price: R95

10litre 3CD Price: R135

 Chicken Feeder Item 3kg 3CF Price: R42

5kg 5CF Price: R90

Chicken nipple drinker 

Item CND Price: R15


Automatic chicken drinker

Item ACD Price: R145

Pigeons products


Plastic Chick and Quail feeder.

R60 Incl VAT

Chicken slaughtering cone

R240 Incl VAT


Infra red brooder light R95


1.Microcomputer automatic egg incubator                                       Direction to our office

2.The Aluminium alloy profile

*Main Material: Exterior structure in colour full steel plate; The edge covered by Aluminium alloy.


Fully Automatic poultry egg incubator
1.microcomputer controlled on temperature & humidity
2.Energy can be electricity, Gas & coal
3.Automatic egg turning ,automatic alarm on temperature &humidity
4.With the capability from 24to22000eggs. the larger or smaller can be customized
5.Easy to install .saving human resource and budget to maximize your profit

6.CE certificate  e-mail: icm@lantic.net

Technical parameters   


Colour structure of Aluminium alloy plate Hemming

Temperature display range


Hatching rate


Temperature measurement




Temperature control accuracy


Humidity display range


Humidity precision control


Output approach

(Medium) 4 (temperature control, left-over eggs, right over the egg, alarm)


(High) 7 Road, (over-temperature, temperature control, low temperature,

humidity control, left-over eggs, right over the egg, alarm)

Output current

Temperature Control 220V 10A, the other 200V 1A

Over egg cycle

0.1--99.9hour(Factory settings 1.5hour)

Eggs over time

1-255 seconds adjustable (factory set to 180 seconds)

Doubled the number of eggs

Maximum record 999 times

Ventilation cycle

5-999 minutes (adjustable, factory 0 hours, non-ventilation)

Ventilation time

0-999 seconds (adjustable, factory 30 seconds)

Measurement of the line is long


Operating voltage


Relative humidity

Less than 85%

Ambient temperature





Industrial new design incubators


Order form, Proforma invoice

Direction to our office         

Guideline for incubation and hatching

       Some questions and answers

1. Q: Can your egg incubator hatching rare reptile eggs?
A: Of course. Our egg incubator can incubation snake turtle parrot quail and etc.
2. Q: How long will your egg incubator working?
A: Chicken egg incubator life span is 8-10 years.
3. Q: What should we do if there have problems during using?
A: My dear friend, We have 1 year guarantee. Any egg incubator problems you have, Welcome email or call me! We will provide our best professional service for you.
4. Q: How can I believe that you would send product?  Companies that have landline numbers and proper physical address are not normally crook. Do not trust companies use cell phone numbers.
5. Why egg incubator need turning eggs?
A: Due to the high fat content of the egg yolk, light weight, easy to go up, and the embryo in the egg yolk on top, such as long-term and do not turn the eggs, the embryo is easy with the eggshell membrane adhesion to dry, can cause embryonic deaths of large numbers.
6. How to import your machines?
1. We will prepare chicken egg incubator and shipment for you after payment;
2. We will give you bill of loading after egg incubator depart our shipping port;
3. Our shipping agent will contact you when chicken egg incubator arrival;
4. You can pick up chicken egg incubator by bill of loading

When looking for an incubator to buy, there are a number of things to consider:
1. What types of eggs you want to incubate?
Some incubators can handle different size and types of eggs better than others. Particularly if you want an automatic turning incubator.

2. How many eggs do you want to be able to incubate?
Each incubator is usually rated by the number of chicken eggs it can incubate at a time. If you want to do smaller eggs, i.e. quail eggs then the incubators will usually hold around twice as many eggs. Likewise they will only hold half as many large duck eggs.

3. Do you want to be able to put some eggs in each week or do you just want to hatch one batch of eggs at a time?
You will either need a hatching tray in the incubator or use a separate incubator as a Hatcher if you want to do multiple batches of eggs at a time.

4. Do you want automatic turning?
Without auto turning you will need to manually turn the eggs at least twice and preferably three times per day for up to the last three days of incubation. For chickens this is 18 days. For some species, such as Muscovy ducks, it could be up to 33 days.

5. Do you want digital temperature control?
Digital temperature control allows you to use a digital display to set the required temperature and the incubator will then keep the temperature correct for you. A non digital incubator will require a thermometer to be checked each time you set a batch of eggs to make sure the thermostat is still set correctly.

6. Do you want automatic humidity control?
Automatic humidity control is a relatively new technology and is not available on most incubators and those that it is on tend to be much more expensive than other incubators. Mostly this technology is only being used for the more expensive eggs such as parrots and specialist poultry Without automatic humidity, you can control humidity by using the surface area of water or by varying the airflow in the incubator.

Any question about egg incubator price quality shipment payment, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will reply your within 10 minutes when I am in office during 8: 30 am to 6: 30 pm in Chinese Time!

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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

We do not give address over the phone you must print direction by clicking this link

For orders over 3 machines you can receive some  more discount.

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