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Hydroponics Agricultural, South Africa SA Special price 19 Dec 2023  
For Sale   South Africa,   Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique,



Agricultural irrigation system of drip tape/drip irrigation tube

Drip irrigation system:

Save a lot on Electricity bill, Save lots of water due evaporation and wastage of water.

Drip irrigation tape


2.Thickness: 400 micron  ( more than double of most our competition.) 

3.Dripper spacing:300 mm  can be closed some.

16mm Agricultural Drip Flat irrigation tape 0.3mm thick 1000 m Roll Price:R1895 Excl VAT

The drip irrigation system includes drip tape, drip irrigation tube, arrow dripper, drip emitter and various drip irrigation fittings. According to different applicable regions, our product contains

special performances to resist the ultraviolet radiation in tropics and the chilliness in the frigid areas.



Our products is water saving and works effectively so that it is mainly used   for irrigating the arbor, flower and other plants with high economic value and in wide rows.


In addition, this product is widely accepted by customers for its propertied of abrasion resistance, aging

resistance and durability.



·Has recorded increase in yield up to 150%.
·Saves water up to 70% compare to flood irrigation. More land can be irrigated with the water

 thus saved.
·Crop grows consistently, healthier and matures fast.
·Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.
·Fertilizer and Chemical Treatment can be given through Micro Irrigation System itself.
·Undulating terrains, Saline, Water logged, Sandy & Hilly lands can also be brought under

 productive  cultivation.

·Fertilizer use efficiency increases by 30%.
·Cost of fertilizers, inter-culturing and labor use gets reduced.

Drip irrigation Sa South africa

16mm Agricultural Drip Flat irrigation tape 0.3mm thick Price:R1,895 per roll of one Km  Excl VAT

5% discount for quantity 5 or more.

Drip nozel  Nozle sa

Drip for normal HDPE pipe

R15 can be cleaned

25mm Agricultural spray pipe) 0.4 mm thick 50 mm holes c/c  R5 / meter + VAT.

Ground cover sheet for

weed protection

rotary corn seeder planter

Rotary hand seeder planter


Nursery Pots

Best Free rang Layers coop that eggs does not get dirty.

HDPE Dam Liner  

Green house plastic sheeting

Dutch bucket with Siphon

Price:R145  incl VAT


Mini Green house with Polycarbonate hollow sheeting.  Price R1750  incl VAT


Home hydoponic system kit SA

Home hydroponics system kit

Available Colors':

   Price per Pot R95 incl  VAT each




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Dripp irrigation 16 mm

16mm Agricultural Drip Flat irrigation tape 0.4mm thick Price:R1795 for 1000m Excl VAT minimum order one roll.

25mm Agricultural Drip irrigation ( spray pipe) 0.4 mm thick 50 mm holes c/c  R3 / meter.

Order form, Proforma invoice  

e mail: icm@lantic.net

Connection of flat drip pipe to main Sa

Connection of flat drip pipe to main Pipe R13

drip irrigation pipe repair connection SA

Repair Joint drip irrigation R15

Connection drip irrigation Joint R13

Drip pipe 16mm Taps SA

 Drip pipe 16mm drip irrigation Taps R25

End caps R7


  Board Fork


ICM industries

Midrand South Africa

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Gravity Powered Drip Irrigation System Design Sample.

1.0 Acre Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation System Kit Agricultural small farmland Drip Tape Irrigation ADK4008


Irrigation of all vegetable types or row crops.




1. Designed for irrigation of 1.0 acre (4000 m²) with 0.8 m drip tape spacing.

2. Working pressure range: 0.2 to 2.0 bar

3. System head control must be installed in the highest point of the irrigated field.

4. The system is designed for installation in fields with maximum 2% slope.

5. Dripper flows, irrigation rates and scheduling at different working pressures will follow in the table below.

6. The system includes all needed components for field installation and operation.

7. It can be fully or in two shifts operated depending on the water amounts per hour available to the user.

8.The system can be operated by water pressure using a pump or by atmospheric pressure (over 0.2 bar).



1. All products/ parts needed for installation and operation are included.

2. Easy to use, assemble and operate.

3. Precise and water efficient application directly to the root zone.

4. Durable drippers for several seasons’ performance.

5. Drip tape wall thickness (0.4mm) allows multi-seasonal use (layout and retrieval)



Dripper flow rate per hour respective to working pressures:



















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