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In South Africa

In South Africa. We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our Products are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria Midrand
   Solution for Avian Bird Flu


Bird flu is an influenza-type disease that starts with birds, but is capable of transferring to other animals and people.   Bird flu  has similar concerns as swine flu, dog flu, horse flu, or human flu in that it refers to an illness caused by any of many different strains of influenza viruses that have adapted to a specific host.  Across the world, medical groups track bird flu, and other flu developments because of the immediate threat to livestock, particularly chickens, turkeys, and ducks. 

The worst concern, however, is the problem if the flu jumps from animals to humans.  Bird flu does not typically make the jump to the human population, but it has happened.   This leaves the question of post-infection cleanup and Magic tamination without huge additional costs and chemical residue to affect the new stock.

In Cape town 2 million chickens have been destroyed or killed to stem the spread of the bird flu threat.  This highly pathogenic H5 virus has caused layoffs and work slow-downs over several states already.  The newer H7 bird flu was most recently in the news in 2016.

 The good news is that the h2o2 Magic products have been successfully tested and used against all forms of the bird flu virus for many years. But there is more to this effective means to stop and prevent the spread to disease.

h2o2 Magic products will destroy all types of pathogenic threats.  This product is EPA registered as an antibacterial, a cleaner, a mildewstat, a Magic taminant, a deodorizer, a fungicide, an algaecide, and a virucide (including Norovirus and H1N1).  The effectuve product is a "Broad Spectrum" Magic tamination product that breaks down to simple water and oxygen as it decomposes.  

Treatment with the h2o2 Magic  product can be applied in a mist, fog, or spray to all available surfaces.  The product works immediately with a dwell time of ten minutes or less.  Once dry, there is no chemical residue or potential threat to people or animals.  h2o2 Magic  will kill bacteria, virus, protozoa, and cysts.  h2o2 Magic  is a full-blown sanitizing and Magic tamination solution that also destroys odors and neutralizes other chemical threats.

  • h2o2 Magic  is proven to effectively destroy: anthrax, clostridium, E Coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Shigella, staphulococcus, Diptheria, Typhoid, and Chloera.
  • h2o2 Magic  will also destroy: Nemtode eggs, Chloerella Vulgas, and Permecium.
  • For virus, h2o2 Magic  will kill nearly every type of virus.  In the end, h2o2 Magic  is the ONE PRODUCT that replaces nearly every sanitizing product 

If you raise chickens, spray the area with Magic  Five after the general cleanup.  No need to wash the product off before birds can enter.  Destroy odors, biological and chemical threats, mold, and germs with one effective treatment.



Please note this is not a registered veterinary and product and you must consult your VET in all cases of treatment of animals.

We suggest to be added to drinking water of the animals in very small concentration.

5 liters Bottle R750


Natural treatment suggested site: www.gacure.co.za

Bible prophecies: www.christreturn.net



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For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net  we do not accept your e mail over the phone.

We do not give address over the phone you must print direction by clicking this link

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